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Model A1347 with 2.4 or 2.66 GHz Core 2 Duo Processor.

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RAM upgrade problem in 2010 Mac Mini

My 2010 Mac Mini started beeping after powering up when I replaced the original two 1 GB SODIMMS with two 4 GB SODIMMs.

It will work if I use only one of the new 4 GB together with one of the old 1 GB. One 4 GB by itself doesn’t work.

Why doesn’t it work with both 4 GB chips, but works with mismatched RAM?

5 GB is working fine and speeding things up considerably, but is there a way I can make my Mac use all 8 GB?


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Let’s test both the RAM and the slots. Use the one working 4 GB stick by itself and boot the machine with it in each of the slots. Now try it with the other stick. By now you should know if it a bad stick or bad slot.

Get back to us after this and tell us which it is and if a slot , which slot.

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Thanks for responding. I have tried all combinations: original 1 GB in each slot (works), 1 GB in slot A + 4 GB in slot B (works), 4 GB in slot A + 1 GB in slot B (works). I have tried both 4 GB sticks in each slot - they both work.

The 4 GB only work when paired with a 1 GB stick. Two 4 GB together doesn’t work.

I’m suspecting incompatible RAM, but I wonder why it works when combined with a stick of the original RAM and if I can do anything to make both 4 GB sticks work at the same time.


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