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The T Flight Hotas 4 is a joystick controller manufactured by Thrustmaster in 2015 that is used for specific flight simulation games. Model number 4169083 is currently supported by PC and PlayStation 4.

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What is the best type of grease to use on this if the joystick squeaks

I bought my T Flight 4 HOTAS a little under a year ago and it's been great; however, it has begun to squeak quite a bit during gameplay. Considering that the majority of time spent using it is when the kids and the gf are asleep, this presents a problem. I've looked up other question/answer forums regarding this subject and some suggest lithium grease, others suggest plain old WD-40. I do know how to get to the joint in the joystick to apply the grease but I don't want to kill my device by applying the wrong stuff. Any suggestions? Thank you for your assistance.

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Only Silicone grease. I used Silicon grease on 5 pcs of Hotas 4 repairs. They all work just great with smoth movements and lasts much much longer.

No oil , NO WD40 because oil eats the plastic in time. And wd40 will disolve the original red silicone grease what was inside. And wd40 is not a permanent lubricant.

No Lithium grease , efects on plastic over time are like sandpaper. It´s not for ruber and plastic.

Silicone grease for plumbing does not damage the plastic parts, it´s heat resistant (it mantains its form from -50 to +200 degres Celsius)and its water resistant.

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Without disassembly, the spay lube is a quick solution, but if the unit is taken apart with access to the greased parts, then using the thicker silicone grease available at auto parts stores (called tune-up grease) is a better solution


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Really doesn’t matter. Lithium grease is a bit heavier, and is used often for cars. WD-40 is a general all-around lubricant, and is more water-like. I’d go for the grease, since in the long run it’d probably be better. True, it will attract dirt and grime more, but you can just wipe off the old stuff and put new grease on

Good luck!

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Silicon Grease will be used only as it will provide best movement to joystick and smoothly too. If you want good quality of Silicon Grease you can visit my Website

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