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Guides on how to fix and or repair common issues on the 1995-2002 3rd generation Toyota 4Runner. The 3rd generation 4Runner is a body-on-frame truck-based SUV with Independent Front Suspension (IFS) and solid rear axle with coil springs in the front and rear.

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Why are my rear tires locked all of a sudden?

The rear tires of my Toyota 4Runner 2002 model are stuck and can't move all of a sudden. What is the cause of this problem?

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I was already in motion and all of a sudden the vehicle just grinds to a stop. The engine is still running so I try fire it up while it's still in drive but nothing happens it just won't move forward or backward. I let the vehicle rest for a couple of hours and then I am able to move about a 100m before the rear wheels seize up again. Please kindly let me know what could be the cause of this problem.


Oh wow, yeah you've definitely got a problem. Does the engine run ok like it did before this happened? It either going to be the transmission or the rear end. If you are able to... Safely jack up the rear end where both rear tires are off the ground, put the transmission in neutral and try to spin each of the wheels individially. Listen for any clunking or grinding or anything, it should be rather obvious if the noises are coming from the transmission or the rear end. If I had to guess I would say most likely the ring and pinion in the rear end.


What part do I need to get in case I want to replace the rear end assuming that is what is causing the problem?


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(I'm an ASE Certified Technician) Are you putting it in gear and trying to drive? Does it it make any strange noises like grinding or clunking? Do the rear tires not move in drive as well as reverse? You've made sure that the emergency brake is off and there's nothing blocking the wheels from turning? If you said yes more than twice then you've got some issues. Could be anything from a stuck parking brake cable, damaged rear differential or axle or damage inside the transmission. I would need more info to narrow it down from there.

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My 2000 4 runner yesterday seized up 2 blocks from my house,it started to seize up soon after leaving home.It completely locked up on highway .There was a lot of noise in the rear area .I recently had a lot of work done,and new tires.I have only had it about 3 month.Help


Did you run over anything? A tree, log, lumber, dog, squirrel, raccoon?


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My friend was driving my 1999 Runner and stated he heard a loud noise that came from the rear end. The vehicle came to a stop and was still running but was unable to drive forward or back up. When the vehicle was towed to my home the rear end and tires locked up completely. Do you have any idea what's going on with my rear end axial

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