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Model A1502 / 2.6 GHz (Turbo Boost up to 3.1 GHz) or 2.8 GHz (Turbo Boost up to 3.3 GHz) dual-core Intel Core i7 processor with 4MB shared L3 cache.

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Why is my MacBook screen display colours so distorted

My screen colours went funny while watching a YouTube video. I initially restarted the device to resolve it but now its seems to be permanent. I've reset SMC as well as NVRAM/PRAM

I've connected it to a external display monitor and the issue doesn't appear on it. It must be the internal display or its cable.

Block Image

I’ve attached a few photos here.

As you can see the Mojave background is red and all wacky. Images of people look distorted and the screen looks foggy (not really visible in image)

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Yes. It still appears. Also when you change the display scale in the display settings there is a split second where everything looks fine when it transitions to the new display scale and then as it finishes it's back to the glitchy screen.


I hаd a similar іѕѕuе, Mу Mac screen was distorted.

Fіnаllу I mаnаgеd to resolve thе problem.

Follow thіѕ guide hеrе:

Hope thіѕ helps


I tried the suggestion and my problem remains, anything else?


@lulac Reinstall your operating system(macOS)


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The display will need to be replaced the logic within it has failed.

Here’s the needed part MacBook Pro 13" Retina (Late 2013-Mid 2014) Display Assembly You’ll need to follow this guide MacBook Pro 13" Retina Display Mid 2014 Display Assembly Replacement

Imagem de MacBook Pro 13" Retina (Late 2013-Mid 2014) Display Assembly


MacBook Pro 13" Retina (Late 2013-Mid 2014) Display Assembly


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No need to replace the display, check the UI elements, all primary colors are there, the screen is fine.


@tomchai - Yes the solid colored objects have the correct colors, only the textures areas are messed up. Don't forget the external display is showing the correct image.

I'm thinking the switching logic within the display has a failure (bad capacitor?) Don't forget this series uses DP signaling between the logic board to the display (iDP)


The color shades on icons is perfectly fine, so the screen is working exactly as it should. I believe this has something to do with rendering and composing images on lower layers, or GPU driver/config/hardware defect.

In any case, the DP line between the GPU and the display is working absolutely perfectly, otherwise the UI elements will also glitch up.


@tomchai - The external image is OK so its something in the internal display logic thats has the issue.


I still suspect this is due to software configuration, look at the hard drive icon on the top right, the greyscale is perfect. Due to the complex hardware and software architecture used in modern OS multi-display support, software issue CAN result in weird rendering artifacts only seen on one display.

I would suggest booting off an external drive or reinstalling the OS before trying anything from the hardware side.


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Getting similar distortions on an external screen connected to a Mac mini M1. Seems to happen when the system has been in sleep. If I re-boot MAC is corrects. So should be a software or Mac mini hardware problem. Has anyone had a similar problem?

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Hi Thomas,

Same MBP Retina, very similar problem here for almost 2 weeks. The way the colours are distorted is not quite the same, but it may be well just a different representation of the same issue (I will try to post an image when I get home).

In my case, everything started while normally using the laptop: just checking some websites with Chrome and switching back and forth to an IPTV stream on VLC. Suddenly, everything looks a bit ¿saturated?, then it went back to normal; after a few minutes, the same problem again which continued intermittently, more frequent every time, until it finally became permanent.

Restarting, resetting the NVRAM and the SMC didn’t solve it. I just switched the laptop off and next day it looked the same, BUT… after a few minutes the screen recovered the original, normal colours. That last just for a few minutes, but it was there… only that it wasn’t for long. That behaviour continued; I also detected that, when the colours were distorted that way, the screen presented very clear image retention.

Last Friday I hooked up the laptop to an external 24” monitor, where the image is shown just fine. I left the MBP display as the secondary one, and it happens that… for 2 hours the desktop’s background image was fine, then it went distorted again. I created a white *.jpg with the same resolution than the screen, and opened it to full screen; when I do that, the display always fixes itself for a variable period of time.

I have an appointment today with a Genius, but guess what… I have been using the MBP for 3 hours now and the display is fine. I would like to show him how the thing looks when distorted.

If you find anything please keep us posted, I will do the same.


PD. Finally I cancelled my Genius appointment given that I couldn’t reproduce the problem today. And this is my screen:

Block Image

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@ksillas & @imkaran - The humidity in the air can be a factor here. Corrosion is like a sponge, it's only causes issues when it has water does it become conductive.

What you do to keep your screen clean is a big factor! Using a spray directly on the screen is a big No No! Instead spray the cloth you are using to wipe the screen! This removes the risk of the cleaner from dripping down into the displays logic which is not protected!


What should I do now to solve this...


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Not an answer per se, but just to say that I have the same or a similar issue I think, and I am fairly sure as to the cause of it: water damage, accidentally spilt a drink (a slightly sticky one) on the screen (just 50 mls or so) and despite attempting to clean it up via wiping with a damp cloth, then a dry one (or possibly tissue paper I was half asleep at the time which is actually why this happened as I (am guessing I) moved in my sleep, tipping the glass over and onto the machine, which woke me up enough to more or less try to salvage the situation as best I could in a semi-conscious sleep state) this wasn't enough to prevent damage from occurring at all.

I've had a previous MacBook completely fried by water damage so it is something of a consolation that this nearly brand new machine wasn't more affected.

Having said that it did have a screen and keyboard protector so how this still happened despite countermeasures to the contrary is somewhat puzzling to me not to mention frustrating as that is partially the very purpose of these accessories and why I bought and applied them in the first place.

I have heard that rice, if applied quickly enough, can rescue many devices from water damage or at least the worst effects of it, unfortunately it seems as though I fell back asleep before I had a chance to enact this measure given how tired I was, but seeing as though the actual bespoke defences (plastic screen protector and keyboard cover) were not enough to fully mitigate all damage I have doubts as to whether rice would have made much, if any, difference in this instance. I did pour it over the laptop when I woke up a few hours later but seemingly, at least the bulk of the damage had been done by then.

Still though, I wouldn't say don't bother with it, just because it didn't work here, hours had passed. it's best applied immediately in cases of contact with water and that goes for electronic appliances in general as it soaks up water and is small enough to get into the more unreachably minuscule nooks and crannies.

So I don't require your thanks, seeing as this is not an answer and also I wouldn't take the word of who or whatever wrote that message above this answer box anyway, there is no way of knowing if even a person wrote it for one thing it could be ai-generated text which wouldn't surprise me given the absolute superabundance and near-omnipresence of ai these days particularly in the internet sphere, (something, I would add, that if not reined in double-time may well in fact spell our eventual doom; yes, seriously) and regardless, it presumes to speak on your behalf, without, almost certainly, your consent or even knowledge... I am just contributing my experience so that you are further armed with the knowledge of what may have happened to your machine.

Unless you are confident enough in your laptop repair skills to replace the screen I personally would be reticent to undertake something as delicate as what is required here which looks like, for all intents and purposes, an entire screen replacement. Take it to the Genius Bar friend and have them

a) confirm it is water damage, just in case

b) replace the screen as necessary. It is really a shame as my previously pristine laptop now gets annoying to look at from time to time.

So a screen replacement really is necessary (in my opinion), unless the weird colouring and super-off contrast and brightness don't bother you that much. it's not a problem that's likely to fix itself though I should think


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Just so you know we are humans here 😎

As far as rice… I love fried rice! But my e-devices don’t! The issue here is rice can absorb humidity, it can’t absorb liquid water. And even acting as a desiccant it’s quite limited!

So enjoy your cooked rice and keep it away from your equipment!


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