Hard starting up in mornings

I am having a problem with my e machine ( desk top ) not starting up after sitting a night ? I have to hit the start button MANY times to get it to start ?

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Can you explain more or post a video of your startup process? It could be something as simple as the power switch or the power supply or something even more insidious.


Hi Matt, Yes.The machine shuts down fine .But when I get into the radio room ( I am a ham radio operator) and try to start the machine,I have to hit the power button SEVERAL times before it finally powers up ? It has just started this problem in the last week or so? I can here and see the (I have side cover off ) the fan over the processor come on then shut off over and over again Matt. If I just keep hitting the power as I have said many many times the green power light on front comes on and the machine will run fine all day.That to me would rule out the power switch itself I would think? I'm sort of leaning toward the power supply ? I have not gotten the model # off the power supply as yet ? I have had this machine in service everyday all day for a number of years now Matt. It might just be time to update the machine to something more current n?

Thanks for your reply Matt.


When it is not connected to the internet, are the data and time correct?


Yes,that is one of the first things I checked. I ordered an exact replacement power supply to try to see if that is the problem..The machine probably 5-6 years old now ,and it runs almost 24/7 here in my radio room. I'm leaning towards a getting tired power supply ? I will post on here if that fixed the problem ..THANKS for your reply Mayer. Steve / Lakeside,AZ.


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