PSP won’t charge and the orange light stays on

I got a used psp a few months back, it didn’t have a battery, so I got a simple clone one to get it started. As soon as the batter was in the orange light came on before I even plugged it in. When plugged in it won’t charge, and the battery eventually died. I got a proper Sony battery to see if it was the battery, but it has the same issue. As far as other repairs I have made to it, the screen was broken on it and I replaced it. As long as the battery has a charge it turns on fine but I have no way of recharging the batteries when they die. Wanted some thoughts from others to see what they think I should try. I’m hoping it’s just a software glitch and not a hardware problem, but either way, I bought it as a project piece so I don’t mind putting the work into it.

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