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A1708/EMC 3164 — Released June 2017, this entry-level MacBook Pro retains its traditional function keys (as opposed to the OLED Touch Bar).

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Adapter for 2017 MBP SSD

I have a dead 2017 13” MacBook Pro (Function Keys) and need to read the SSD that I’ve removed. Is there an adapter to access it elsewhere? I’ve done a little research and can’t find any info.


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I have a MacBook Pro 2017 (Function keys) and I had an accident (water dropping) and the screen and connections are damaged. I couldn’t find affordable fixing, so right now is broken but the SSD works. 

I bought a Lenovo A340-24IWL and I’d like to know if is possible to put the SSD from my broken MacBook Pro on this Lenovo A340? Do you have some enclosure or adapter to use this SSD on a PC?

Thank you very much for your response!!!


Basically if it was the water and your unit is in non-working condition, there is no way to tell whether your SSD survived or not without testing it in the working A1708. Said that and minding that there are no adapters of any kind for this particular interface your best bet will be to go to someone friendly who have working A1708 on hand and ask for help in transferring data to some other media, compatible with your current setup.


That's a non-starter completely. There is no SSD in a 2017 Macbook Pro that is removable! The storage is part of the logic board and completely non-removable or repairable!


Hi Tony, if you read all the other comments you’ll see others made the same mistake - the Function key version of the 2017 MBP does indeed have a removable SSD, the Touch Bar version has its SSD soldered to the motherboard. I have the function key version and am still looking for a solution. There are some sort of work around a but nothing good (as yet).


Hi Dominic. This weekend I upgraded my MacBook Pro 2017 Function Keys with an Sabrent Rocket of 512 Gb from Amazon, with and adapter bought in Aliexpress of brand NFHK. For less than 100€ I have updated the original 128 Gb SSD to 512. In this link you can find more info:


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It was a while ago I posted this question - fortunately there is now a solution in the shape of an adapter from NFHK. If anyone else is trying to solve this, go here for more info:

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Dang, had me going there for a minute!

Adapter shown in your link is to replace Apple's Gen5 SSD with a generic blade-type drive within machine - assuming there's sufficient room.

Adapter I was hoping to see is an enclosure-type for the Gen5 SSD that would turn it into an external drive and allow data recovery (via USB) from the Gen5 drive itself.


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Sadly, NO case so far

I would contact OWC to see if they have something up their sleeves ;-}

Otherwise you’ll need another MacBook Pro Fn system to gain access to the files.

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I believe this is the drive Dominic is referring to:

Block Image

It’s a Gen 5 referenced above, a proprietary SSD that has no adapters or enclosures that I can find.

Between Secure Boot, encryption and proprietary drives, Apple seems to be closing the door on data recovery. A drive or machine failure may well doom all data without a current backup.

Cody Henderson of BeetsTech posted an outstanding guide to Apple SSDs that includes a number of Gen 5 drives at the bottom of his list: The Ultimate Guide to Apple’s Proprietary SSDs

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I am almost positive the answer is Yes!

can you give us an image of the type of SSD you have? (specifically the connectors on the drive)

if it is a standard SATA connector then there are many inexpensive adapters that can allow you to connect that drive up to another computer via USB

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I was going to say: pretty sure he included the wrong MacBook Pro model, since for the one specified above the SSD is soldered to the board.


As I stated in the question, my SSD is from a 2017 MacBook Pro (Function Keys). As far I'm aware the SSD uses a proprietary Apple Gen. 5A PCIe 3.0 x4 NVMe . I'm asking if anyone knows of an adapter?


Sorry, misread that. I'm not aware of any unfortunately.


B07F2S836J from Amazon might do it… or maybe B07J9WNN9H I haven’t personally tried either of these so YMMV try doing a search for USB and NVME…

Newegg has several like this one from Choetech

all that being said, if the adapter works and the computer recognizes the drive, this will only give you access to data if the system was not encrypted….


@xshawk - Ian sorry guy, neither of these cases will work. Apple uses their own custom connector on their SSD drives. Basically they are not M.2 drives!


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