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Is this display connector broken?

Can anyone tell me if this display connector is looking good?

Block Image

The display brightness is not working correctly. I use a cheap eBay replacement display so before I order a new one I want to know if this connector looks good.

The 6th pin on the top looks weird to me..


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For me, it's rather difficult to tell by just looking at this picture. Check carefully with tweezers if there is any unstable pins, which features poor contact with board.

It would be better if you have a multimeter to test the diode value of each pin on the connector. If it’s all normal value, then restart with a new display.

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Thanks! Will try to use tweezers and/or check with a multimeter.


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Looks okay, might need to clean up the connector a bit on the 6 pin. 99% isopropyl alcohol and some brushing should get that cleaned.

Otherwise be extremely careful with tweezers / exacto knife to clean that out without damaging the pin.

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Thanks for your comment. I've tried cleaning it with IPA two times but that didn't work. I will try to remove it with a tweezer.


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