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The TI-84 Plus CSE is a graphing calculator by Texas Instruments released in 2014. It was the first TI-84 calculator to be equipped with a color screen.

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Keeps Turning Off and On, Even after charging

My TI-84 Plus C silver edition keeps flashing on and off, but won’t full turn on even after I fully charge it. I don’t know what this is happening.

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OK we may need a little more information to help you. So is your calculator boot looping? Is it turning on and off repeatedly? Or is is just turning off after you turn it on? Does it keep misbehaving while charging?

How long after you turn it on does it take before it turns off again?

How long after you turn it off does it take before it turns on again?

Does taking the battery out an putting it back in help? Do you have something stuck in your I/O port? (the thing that looks like a mini headphone jack) Does reinstalling the OS help?

EDIT: Rodrigo mentioned in the comments that pressing [clear]+[on] got his calculator working again. If it works for you, then make sure you clear the Archive memory and reinstall the OS as soon as you can because there’s likely something corrupted in the calculator’s Archive.

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It only turns on for like a second! I have this problem too.


Jass C, did you try re-installing the OS? Does it turn off even while charging?


I encountered this problem today after leaving it uncharged for years. Try pressing the on and clear buttons at the same time and it should boot up.


Rodrigo Pimentel, good point! I've edited my answer to include that! I would highly suggest re-installing your OS right now (and clear all archive if you can). If your calculator booted only because of [on] and [clear] then that means there's something corrupted in the FLASH and it could mess up your calculator later. It's best to try and prevent that while your calculator is still working.


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