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The Dell Chromebook 11-3120 is an affordable, lightweight laptop that is most commonly used in professional and educational settings.

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Computer gave me a electric shock. Then static screen and audio

The static screen was in a grid like google sheets previous screen was barely visible with a semi-transparent black and white static. The shock came from the bottom heat grate.

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Most likely, somewhere inside of the computer, your static discharge has either fried some component of the motherboard or somewhere else. Unless you are an experienced technician with experience in repairing motherboards, it is highly unlikely that you will be able to figure out what part of your board is fried and replace it.

Considering the cost of these devices and the audience that this is being aimed at, you will be more successful in just replacing the motherboard or sending it in for repair / It will be cheaper and less time consuming to just replace the motherboard or the whole computer than trying to figure out what’s wrong

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