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A mini home-theater projector released in 2016 by DBPower Electronics.

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Brown smudge/spot on the projection image about 1/6th of total picture

I have a DB T20 that is projecting a brown smudge/ spot on the screen. It looks like it’s on the lcd if I look through the front lens. I know can see the lens is fine. What could it be? Is it worth opening it to take a look? Also it makes a buzzing sound like a fan sticking for first minute on power up then works fine.

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I believe I have the same problem as you. DbPower sent me a replacement unit which is now displaying the same symptoms after several months of use. The noise is the fan squealing due to lack of lubrication at the bearings. The brown smudge is a result of improper cooling and overheating of the LED light circuit as a result of the defective fan (my second unit did the same thing because cooling is insufficient overall). Without taking it apart, I can only assume that it is the LED itself or a plastic lens or filter within the lighting circuit.

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You are correct. I diagnosed the same thing after disassembling. I found a thin glass filter with polarizing film on it which had burned from the fan sticking. The fan may have stuck from dust, lack of lube, or running the unit too long. After searching for ages for the lens which would seem like an easy and cheap replacement (the unit does not work properly without it) I found a couple from China but the cost plus a fan was about the same as a new unit some of which have upgraded fans.

If you get another unit from db look into putting a better fan in maybe? It’s not that bad to disassemble and the videos online are good guides

Hope this helps

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