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The Nikon COOLPIX B500 is a mid-tier superzoom point and shoot camera. It is sold in black, purple, and red.

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Why Is my camera not turning on?

So my camera is charged fully, considering it charged for a whole day and I keep trying to turn it on but it just isn’t working. The light to the on/off button turns on everytime I push it but it just never turns on.

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I dropped mine, causing this. Upon closer inspection, it seems the outer black ring, the one that shields the zoom lens when fully retracted, was damaged just enough to interfere with the lens opening when powered on. So, it shuts down. Looks like a repair cost..


My CoolpixB500 does not respond at all... It worked fine for a couple of years then without cause it just stopped turning on. How can I fix this or where can I take it for repair.


My b500 doesn't want to switch on despite the light on the on/off switch goes on. It gives the command to switch camera off then on again but it still doesn't seem to work since I get the same command every time.


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I have done a small smack with my hand on the lens and it went back in and now it turns back on

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LOL! Ahhh...yes, the good old "give it a smack or two" which is a valid troubleshooting technique in certain circumstances and usually moderately applied like you mentioned. Been there done that more than a couple of times to try and pinpoint an issue with equipment. Good to hear you resolved your problem! Just a thought to consider though. Might want to inspect the lens travel for dirt or some other debris, obstruction which potentially could cause the incident to reoccur at a later date. Inspection of the motor drive circuitry possibly too if it does reoccur.


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Take stronger batteries, at least 2000 m / Ah

And charge it in an external battery charger.

Then she starts again.

(Google Translator, I'm German ;-))

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