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Compact video camera recorder/tape recorder Released 1989, Model No. CCD-TR5 Serial No. 257152

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Why won't my camera connect to my T.V?

Hello, I was wondering if you know what type of cord i can use or if it is even possible to connect the video camera to a tv to watch my old videos?

Thank you in advance.

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Hi @cj714 ,

You need to connect the handy cam to a TV’s AV input with a VMC 920ms cable. (see image below)

I cannot find one online so perhaps you may be able to connect the camera with this type - example only of cable as a workaround.

You will only have mono audio though. The cable connection in the image shows 3 connectors at the TV end, video and L + R audio. I think that the cable that I couldn’t find converts a single stereo RCA output to two individual L + R audio outputs.

If you have a stereo audio RCA male to male cable lying about you could try using that instead of having to buy one

Don’t know your camera but if the cable connections on the camera are coloured yellow + another colour (red or white perhaps) connect the yellow camera end to the yellow AV input on the TV and connect the other colour on the camera connection to either the white or red AV input on the TV. (yellow + white + red RCA sockets)

If the audio doesn’t work change the connection on the TV from the white AV input to the red AV input or vice versa depending on where it was first

Use the TV’s remote control INPUT button to change the TV input signal source onto the AV input that you have connected the cable to (if your TV has more than one AV input).

Here’s an image taken from the user manual which shows how to set up the camera for playback on a TV, ignore Step 3 about selecting video or Tv as this was designed for earlier times ;-)

Block Image

(click on image to enlarge for better viewing)

Hopefully this may be of some help

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