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8.9" tablet, co-developed by Google and HTC. First released in November 2014, running Android 5.0 Lollipop.

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How do I change the thermal paste?

Hello, I was wondering if it was worth the effort to change out the stock thermal paste with new thermal paste. If it would raise the performance in any way. Thanks.

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Not really worth it. Because the only reason you would change it is if you opened it. Any conformance issues is probably related to storage…

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I am planning on replacing the battery so I would be opening it. Just not sure where the paste is located on the board.


Do the least steps to take out the battery as possible. also if you do take something off with thermal paist on it. But some at a hardware store or order some online and replace it.

Dont use it until you do that because it will damage it from heat.


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