LG G5 H860 and H850 motherboard replacement

My LG G5 H860 is broken and I need to replace the motherboard.

Anyway, I was wondering to buy the H850 motherboard for 3 reasons:

  1. is much cheaper
  2. is easy to unlock the bootloader (the H860 still seems unlockable)
  3. they seems to share the very same specs, except for the dual sim


Does anybody can confirm it is possible to do that?

Is there any difference I’m not considering?

Thank you,


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I reply by myself.

At last, I toke the risk and I ordered the H850 motherboard.

It works without problem.


The only bug is that the main rear camera doesn’t work there. I guess, anyway, they sent me a buggy board, cause I tried a native H850 camera and it does’n work as well. :/


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