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1.83 GHz Core Duo or 1.83, 2, or 2.16 GHz Core 2 Duo A1208 (EMC 2104/2110/2114/2124)

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Need to delete user data and reinstall

Hi All,

I have an old IMAC that I am trying to wipe the data and reinstall or upgrade the OS to Snow Leopard.  The user forgot the passwords to both accounts.

I cannot get it to boot to the internal CD/DVD drive, an external DVD or a USB.

Holding down the C key didn't work, and I also tried booting from firmware "Option"+"Command"+"o"+"f"

Does anyone know what I need to do to get this to boot from something other than the hard drive.



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Here's the Startup Key options: Mac startup key combinations This series needs a wired USB keyboard for the options to work.


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To bootup into the startup manager, hold the “option” key once you hear the startup chime. You can let go once you see the apple logo.

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Sorry that didn't work - tried both the left and right option keys.

Both booted into the OS.


are you using blutooth keyboard?


No I am using a wired usb keyboard


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