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Motorola smartphone released June 2016 with additional features called Moto Mods (Speakers, chargers, etc). At the time of its release, the Moto Z was the thinnest smartphone ever (5.2mm). Model numbers XT1650-01 and XT1650-03.

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Moto Z display replacement version

My display broke after an accident on the bus (a week after I replaced the failing battery...) an I wonder if anyone knows if it matters if the replacement screen is for xxxx-01 or xxxx-03 (Droid, Euro etc) etc?

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The XT1650-03 appears to be the International Version of the phone. To my knowledge the biggest difference between the version numbers is the radio hardware, however it would seem that a xt1650-01 screen will work on the XT1650-03 and vice versa, but the XT1650-02 requires a different display because of the bezel styling. See here for an example.

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Seems to be in line with my theory. Thanks!


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