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Why are the LCD, Home Button, and Earpiece flex cables really short?

Alright, so I recently came across an Product Red iPhone 7 , and as I barely opened the display, the LCD, Home Button, and Earpiece ribbon cables ripped. This was really annoying considering that I barely opened the display. Has anyone else noticed this? I just can’t imagine that this design could even be logical, because how would they have connected the cables during assembly if they were so short?

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That short length is all that’s required, and there are much more specialized tools involved in assembly. Unnecessarily long cables take up space too, which for phones is a huge disadvantage.

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I have done other iPhone 7's with longer flex cables. This one was super short. Regardless it was strange, but that's why the business I work for has great insurance, and we were able to get the cables replaced, and the phone worked like new.


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