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Guides and repair information for the Lenovo Thinkpad T430, a 14-inch business laptop by Lenovo.

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Why Arma3 game is not responding?

I have lenovo think pad 430t with 4 gb ram and 500 Gb disk space and Intel 5i with windows 7 64 bit, “Arma3 is not responding” , game minimum requirement is 4gb ram, 25Gb Disk space and duel core predecessor but still not working I tried following

1) Updated Display drivers

2) Deleted temp,and other junk files

3) checked disk and ran memtest

4) Disabled antivirus and firewall

5) Other games are works fine even heavy games like WOT, COD modern war etc

6) Reinstalled game but same issue

7) Ran in compablety mode

8) Tried in different user account

9) Ran as administrator game pop ups for 0.5 second and closes and right bottom corner notification comes about resolution so i checked with setting different resolutions but same issue

Please help and thank you in advance :)

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Is this limited to only Arma3? Do other games run without a problem?


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In case you run cracked software, i recommend you first should spend money on buying the game.

Once you have done that (or if you already use legit software) , check the crash report ( ), and get help the bohemia troubleshooting forums. (thats where they were intended for.)

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