The Surface is stuck on a boot loop, is the NAND flash kaput?

The Surface is stuck on a boot loop, I could boot Ubuntu from flash, but due to Samsung firmware issues I couldn’t access the storage. Windows installation USB also goes on a boot loop.

To me, it looks like the NAND flash has gone beyond saving. Can the files be somehow recovered and the flash replaced?

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You say you can boot Ubuntu from flash; do you mean a USB flash drive? It's very odd that you can boot Ubuntu from USB but not Windows.

I've seen Surface tablets get caught in boot loops when it was booted in a low battery condition, and the tablet shuts off due to lack of power partway through the boot process. I've had some success with COMPLETELY draining the Surface battery; keep it unplugged and let it go through its boot loop over and over again until you see the low battery icon. Then manually try turning it on again (over and over again) until even the low battery icon doesn't show up when you press the power button. Let it sit like that for an hour or so, occasionally pressing the power button to fully ensure it's completely drained. Then reconnect it to a power source, let it charge for ~30 minutes, and try again.


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