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The Samsung Gear S3 is the third-generation Samsung Gear smartwatch, first released in November of 2016. Features a round OLED display running the Tizen OS. Model number: SM-R770NZSAXAR.

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Anyone having trouble removing the tri-point screws?

I have the Pro Tech Toolkit and have tried using all the tri-points included (Y000, Y00 and Y0), but none seem to be grabbing the screw properly. The tear-down indicate that the Y00 should do the trick, but it seems like the tip is too pointy and is floating above the grooves. Anyone have the same issues or have any tips?

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this is typ[cal of screws made in Japan, etc. they have a flat bottom. Just take a file and flatten the tip of the screwdriver and then the screwdriver will grip the screw correctly.


Thanks didn't expect it would work but it does


Thanks, #2. I also was not expecting it would work. I bought a high-quality bit set (at least looks and costs like; brand Protech). There are 4 Y bits in this set, here listed from the smallest to the biggest: Y0.6, Y2, Y2.5 and Y1 (weird, no?). I gently filed the tip of the bit Y2 and it worked wonders.


Wow! Thank you so much for the tip, saved me some time and money tracking down a decent tri-point when I wouldve run into the same issue


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No, I’ve removed them without problem with a Y00 tip (one of them will fit and do the job, 0, 00 or 000). This was on a Samsung Galaxy Gear S3 Frontier.

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@benjamen50 my screw look more like the Torx Tri-Lobed/Torx 3-Lobed screw om this page.

Did yours look the same?


I just tried it (Didn't seem to require much force) on my Samsung Galaxy Gear S3 Frontier which I'm using now that I bought a few weeks ago with the Y00 screw bit that came with my iFixit Pro Tech Tool kit and it came out without any issues.

It's the latest revision of the tool kit so if you bought the tool kit a few months ago or newer it'll be the same tip.

It is indeed the Lobed Tip which is the one I just tried.


So I was using a Y0, and Y00 bit from another kit I found at Walmart (HyperTough) and had the same issue "catching" the screw as you did.

After looking at the iFixIt picture I realized theirs Y bits are flat, while the Walmart bits are point. preventing it from catching. I'll have to buy another tool bit to get it to work but if your bit was pointy like mines were, it will never catch.


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