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The fourth generation Volkswagen Jetta, also called the MK4 or the Bora, is Volkswagen's family sedan.

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Why is my RPM going from low to high, once my temperature is perfect?

My Volkswagen Jetta is a 2.5, 5L, it’s over heating it goes from low RPMs to high RPMs and I have everything in check I have done the oil change, changed the spark plugs, changed filters, and a mechanic told me to clean the carburetor with carburetor cleaner and I did put some put i think it was no enough. It’s still doing the same problem and it’s wasting way to much gasoline then the usual now I need some help on tying to find what is it? Help please

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@jessol16what exact year is your Jetta? when you say it is overheating, what have you checked on that. Everything you have doen thus far will not change any overheating problems. You checked your fan? Your coolant level? What did the old sparkplugs look like? Your Jetta most likely will not have a carburetor, what did you clean and how?


It’s a 2006 2.5 5Lwell it’s not really like overheating the temperature needle is on point where its supposed to be at. What it does is the RPM needle goes from 10 RPMs to 20 RPMs when the car is parked or on neutral. They were brunt from the tips some what wasted, the coolant it’s water, I put some carbur-clean is almost like w-40 I put some to clean the throttle body but it still does the same. @oldturkey03


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At this point it would be wise to take it to an auto parts stores like Auto Zone, that offer a free computer read out to help you diagnose it.

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If your idle fluctuates from high to low you have a vacuum leak after the map sensor .check the vacuum lines for leaks and check the gaskets on the intake manifold . This car is not equiped with a carburetor , its fuel injected and as such you need to clean the throttle body and the air passages involved with the TB. This video will help

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I will take a look thanks I have thought in looking for a leak but i haven’t had a chance.


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