ALS-box does not move data

Hi Ya’ll..

So, I've got a situation I need some enlightenment on..;)

I work as an iPhone tech, and have done litteraly 100’s of screen replacements on iphone 8 - and I've always used the ALS-box to copy the original screen/IC data onto the new screen so that the ambient light sensor (true tone) and touch will be 100% working, and It’s always worked great.

Then I've heard that the “bug” has been removed in the latest OS, but still I've copied the data.. However, now the data does not seem to be stored and copied, even though the box says so - and the true tone function has been disabled.. I've tried different screens from different suppliers in different quality - all of them with the same result.. Even on different phones.. Can anyone either verify my discoverings and provide me some info - or deny them and tell me I'm just being a tool..?:D

Thanks in advance - and merry Christmas to all..:)

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