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Wi-Fi only variant of the fifth generation of iPad, released in March 2017. Available with 32 and 128 GB storage options featuring a 9.7" Retina display and 64-bit A9 processor.

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Home button not working after replacing screen

Went through the process of replacing the screen/digitizer for iPad 5 wifi - went as expected considering original was shattered. Got to the point of putting the new on the front and the home button no longer works - went to take the NEW screen/digitizer off to check connections - and gee guess what the new screen/digitizer is now cracked- guess I am now off to buy a 2nd replacement screen … AND all of the connection are in place for the home button - I know the touch will not work - but the button itself should at least …. Any one have any ideas on this?? Going to see if there is a home button with touch that I can buy for replacement ….

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Hi Ben

Thank you for the info! I was not able to reuse the original home button. What I purchased was the replacement digitizer assembly for iPad 5th gen and it came with a home button. That is what did not work.

So my second order for a home button assembly and new digitizer came in. Now I am on my third order as I did not see that the home button assembly, or the digitizer did not include the metal bracket needed to hold in the home button.

Hoping that when that comes in I can put the iPad back together and having it working again…. Just hoping that the assembly I purchased from here is touch as well… there was no indication of yes or no …. dont really care if the touch works as long as the button itself does….




Hi Les,

Were you successful at getting the home key to work? At this point, I do not care about Touch ID, I just want the home key to work.


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Was the home button transferred from the old screen to the new screen?

Note that if you bought a replacement iPad Air digitizer with the home button you’ll need to carefully transfer the home button from the original screen because only the home button that came with the iPad will work on there.

iPad Air 1st gen home buttons are unfortunately not compatible with the iPad 5th generation. I’ve had to source out a replacement iPad 5th gen button which was hard to find as it had to be the same model. With a replacement button you’ll lose touch ID but the button will at least work.

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