Why is my flashlight heating to burning when using it in an app

I opened my OLG app to check a scratch ticket and i turned the light on and my flashlight came on fine as normal but within seconds it was so hot it actually burned my leg and i have a burn mark from it. Obviously this makes me nervous that i could be dealing with something that could cause a fire. I literally set the phone on my leg for no more than 5 seconds and had to move it because the burning was horribly painful. What could be going on???? This has never happened before. My phone usually over heats but ive never been burned by my phone before. Also this time the light waa much brighter than ive ever seen it. One small glimpse and its 10 mins later and i STILL have a huge yellowish black spot in my line of vision …. Like when u look at a lightbulb and look away and theres a big spot infront of your eyes. It wont go away. I have a headache from it and the searing burning. Please help. I really think my phone is going to die soon :(

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