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Where can I find the internal diagram of this?

I took this apart to re-attach a sound wire. It was complex and I had to set it aside for a few weeks. Now, I cannot figure out where to attach the sensor for the roller on top as I am re-assembling it. Is there an internal diagram somewhere?

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I actually just figured it out. It attaches to the opposite half of the toy. It creates difficulty in putting it back together as there are wires stretching to all parts, both halves and the bottom. But, hopefully I had managed to get it back securely enough that it'll last a while.


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I can’t even find any parts for it. I doubt a teardown exists as of yet.

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Stupid company can't even have a bloody diagram available with all the info that we need to fix there crappy toys


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How do you re attach the wires? And what did you use to keep them in place? What kind of glue?. There should be a pick available with information of what wires go where. Stupid kids toys, I hate them when they don't have this information available for

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