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The fifth-generation Elantra debuted at the 2010 Busan International Motor Show in April 2010.

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Car seems to be intermittent misfire

Car seems to be misfire however there is no check engine light to confirm this. Car just rolled 200,000km and I have never had a problem with car until now. The misfire happens during mid acceleration and is more noticeable during cold weather. the misfire only last for short period of time before it dissipating. Had plugs replaced which helped for a couple of days but the misfire has returned. Any suggestions?

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Had you had a proper car check recently? If not, I’d suggest you do that, because the problem might be not with plugs, but with pistons, valves or head itself. Can also be a coil issue or ECU tune isn’t proper. Can be a lot of things, so giving your car a proper service is a must-do in your situation (especially after 200k km).

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So my mechanic took my car for a drive in hopes that he could experience the phantom misfire and luckily it happened for him. The bad news however is that he spent a whole day going over everything under the hood and was not able to find anything wrong and because there is no check engine light he is unable to detect a code. A couple things I forgot to mention was that I had the Radiator replaced a bout two months ago and the cam shaft sensor.



Cam angle might not be adjusted in ECU, which can cause misfires. Try ECU remapping.


My friend has golf, and its missfire when it's cold. The reason is oxygen sensor, when the engine hot, exhaust hot, oxygen works probably and car runs ok. May help in future for someone.


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