iPhone 3GS Only power when plugged in(rebooting apple logo)? No restor

Iphone 3gs suffered a little water damage near the headphone jack

Now it wont restore ive tryed everything, the motherboard only powers when its plugged into computer or wall charger to a reboot apple logo.

Ive also swapped the motherboard into a perfect working phone. Still does the same thing? Ive thoroughly cleaned the motherboard with 90% alcohol. Reflow the power IC also the Baseband chip. Still doesnt the same thing doesnt restore and also keeps reboots with a apple logo only when supplied with power. But on its own with the power it wont turn on with battery power.

At one point, when plugged into the wall. I seen the emergency calls thingy come up. There was No IMEI or NO ICCID also it said iPhone in the upper left hand corner.

Seems like a definite hardware failure. Any ideas which IC to change?

thanks alot for ur help

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just for my own knowledge, have you changed the battery?


Reflowing in the oven? Or taken off and new applied?


Why would you try to reflow? What other solution have you attempted prior to that?


Update!!! Now I got into the operating system

Baseband is totally gone from setting, and NO Wifi & bluetooth No IMEI

I know i have to swap an IC but im not sure which one to change.

I reflow the baseband chip for like 30secs


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