Sporadic cellular network disconnection (verizon)

This is a series of related issues. Firstly, occasionally the phone will drop 4G connection and not connect to it again until reboot, even in areas with very strong 4G reception. 3G and lower still works.

Secondly, the phone will sometimes connect to 4G, drop to 1x, and reconnect to 4G after mobile data is turned off then on again, but only stays connected to 4G again about a quarter of the time.

Thirdly, sometimes the phone will drop to 1 bar of voice only service, even in areas with strong data reception of any type. This one also is only fixed with a reboot.

Lastly, sometimes while having a stable 3G connection, it will continue to display data transfer and good reception, but no data will transfer until mobile data is turned off and on several times.

I’m sure these are caused by the same root issue, but i have no idea what. Any clues?

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