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My car wont start

Update. After insisting the starter is bad even AutoZone has tested so many times and confirmed it's good. I bought new starter, and guess what! Car started right away!!! My car is working now. I knew from first moment it was starter but I believed AutoZone. And wasted lots of money, time and energy for nothing!

I made some search and I learned even if the starter spin when you tested it won't start a car.

Update. Now the car won't even start on N or P.

I replaced both ignition switch and neutral safety switch. Still won't start!!! I took the starter to AutoZone they tested it many times they told me it's work. But I still think it's the starter and their test is wrong. I even tested all wires and all has voltage. Every time I turn the key on I hear click sound coming from the starter. I'm desperate for help. Spent lots of time, money and energy for this.

My car wont start. I checked the starter and the battery, they are good. I replaced the relay, same issue still.

Is it the neutral safety switch that i need to replace? I don’t want to spend more money just hoping it is the problem.

Some people telling me its the ignition switch, other people say its the neutral safety switch, some say its the wires by the neutral safety. They both are not cheap. Which one i should try first.

Please help.

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The ignition switch may not be very expensive.  There are probably two parts to the ignition switch - the part that you put the key in, and the electronic part behind the key switch.  The electronic part is the part you may need to replace.  I bought this part once at Auto Zone for around $15.  Replacing the electronic part of the ignition switch fixed an electrical problem my car had.

I would start with that part.

If your starter tests good, then the problem isn’t with your starter, it is with the part in the car that tells the starter to run.

It occurs to me that you might be able to run a mechanic’s switch to your starter, then turn your key on and push the button on the mechanic’s switch when you want to start your car.  (That’s also known as “hotwiring” your car.)

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Actually after i insist it's the starter I bought new starter even AutoZone tested many times and told me it's work. It turn out they were wrong. I replaced the starter and worked right away!!! The starter was bad and AutoZone stupid test was wrong! Spent lots of money and energy because of AutoZone! My car is working now.


Was your car having initial issues with no crank no start but all dash lights and such worked properly?


heres what you can do, and its the fastest way to determine if your ignition switch is broken. you can put a test light to the wire thats white and red, that connects to the solenoid . if your light doesnt not lit it means your switch is not making a closed contact to allow power to your solenoid etc. which then will now allow your car to start and crank.


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Have a 2004 honda accord replaced starter car still won't start. Lights and radio come on but no sound of it trying to

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Is the battery giving enough voltage? That’s always the first place to look. Since accessories come on it’s probably fine. You say that the starter has been replaced but you don’t hear it cranking. That’s very strange, make sure it’s connected properly. Also make sure that the spark plugs are properly connected and all fuses are seated right. If all else fails just take it to the Honda dealer. Honda’s are cheap to repair and very reliable so it’s probably not that bad.


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