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A series of in-the-field repair instructions for the avid adventurer.

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Repairing a torn Micro Puff

How do you repair a burn hole on or a tear in the Micro Puff Jacket and Hoody?

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It looks like some companies make a sort of tape to repair these, but they call it a temporary repair.

Edit: Noticed the link stopped working, here is the updated one. Their guide looks like an embedded iFixit article now..

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This tape works great on long tears in cloth as well.


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Hi there,

I'm sorry for your nice jacket and the hole in it.

Same issues, different solutions.

In my case: The North Face Down Jacket and a begadi Primaloft Poncholiner

Several campfires, working outside and other stuff got my stuff in rough conditions.

In emergency cases I just put a piece of ducktape on it.

Usually I'm traveling by bike, so i bring first-aid-bikestuff.

Have some glue and a patch and be creative in the way of repairing your jacket.

In some cases, especially when it comes to ultralight gear, I use spare tent material (self-sticking) in combination with good glue. :)

That's it so far and have a nice day




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