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The larger version of Samsung's flagship phone. Released March 2018.

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Separate glass from LCD display and digitizer

How do would one replace just the glass on the Galaxy s9+ since the LCD display and the digitizer still work perfectly fine

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You would separate the glass from the LCD with heat and wire, or something very small in width like a playing card. Heat up the screen and insert wire or card between the class and the lcd. An LCD is like an egg shell, so it is very easy to break will trying to remove the glass. If you successfully remove the glass, you need to clean the LCD to remove all the LOCA (glue). After you clean the LCD, you need to put LOCA on the LCD and then put the glass over the LCD and position it right. After you have it positioned properly and all air bubbles are out, you need to cure the LOCA with a UV light. After that you just re-assemble the phone.

This process is very difficult and I suck at keeping the LCD from breaking.

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