Power on Progressive Problem Blinking RL

I have a 2009 TC-50PX14N Panasonic plasma TV. When I power it on, it attempts to turn on, (two quick audible clicks, this seems normal to me, so I believe it has always made this sound) then after a few seconds, somewhere between 5s and 10s, I hear another, much softer click, and the device goes into a “one blink” error state. Used to be after a few attempts to power it on, it would figure it our and get a picture, now the indicator light stubbornly keeps blinking with no “backlight” for the screen itself. (Yes, I know. Plasma screens do not have a backlight. “No apparent power to the cells?” Would that be the correct terminology?)

According to the Service manual, the one blink every 3 seconds status is a bit of a catch-all, but probably the A board. So my question is this: As a guy who’s thankful for instructions on how to use an ohm-meter every 5 years or so when I actually pull it out for something: should I jump in and just replace the A-board? Or call in a professional? Am I going to need to re-calibrate something afterwards? Will this require specialized equipment, etc.

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