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Model A1418 / Late 2013 / 2.7 & 2.9 GHz Core i5 or 3.1 GHz Core i7 Processor

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Power button removal and replacement


I snagged the power button cables whilst removing the speaker. The cables have pulled completely out of the power button.

Is it possible to remove the power button and solder the cables back on, if so how do I remove it? Otherwise, what are my options?

Thanks is advance.

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Ouch! The button housing is glued into the back case. You’ll need to take the HDD, power supply & left speaker so you can gain access to the button from the back side. You’ll need to use a heat gun to soften the glue which holds the housing hopefully you can get to the needed points to splice a new set of wires. FYI - Apple does not sell this part alone.

Block Image

Block Image

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Dan, many thanks for your advice!

For the benefit of others, I applied heat to the outside computer casing using an electric paint stripping gun. To be honest with you a good quality hair dryer would also have worked. The glue released easily and I was able to remove the switch intact. The wires had broken 1 cm from the switch, which left plenty of wire to re-solder back to the switch terminals.

Thanks again for your help Dan!


Thanks for your help ! I also snap the power button cable when I removed the speaker ! I had to apply heat for a good 2 minutes with a heat gun at high setting before being able to remove the button. I guess they put a stronger glue on this model ! The cable snap 2 to 3 cm from the switch so I just weld the wires together back where it broke and put some electric tap for insulation ! Works like a charm now :)


My tech accidentally tore the cable trying to move the speaker out of the way to make a new SSD install easier. At first we were unsure why the machine wasn't turning on but then we found a teardown video warning of the cable and we put 2 & 2 together. Then ifixit and it's awesome community saved the day like usual.

Thanks for the post @danj !!

Mine kind of tore in a funny way and tore the wires at the solder while stripping the last 1/4" of cable. The cable has almost 2 inches of un-necessary length overall. I was able to cut the cable about 1/2" from where it was soldered to the button, strip the tips of the two wires off and re-solder the wires to the button. This gave me a much cleaner look than a splice and splicing wires this small sucks anyway. Also the adhesive was not doing it's job after the button was removed so I used some T-7000 glue overnight with a rolling cracker tool as a wedge to make sure it was secure.


Is there any particular orientation to the wires? Have the same issue with mine breaking, mine broke right at the cover to the back of the switch.


It's easy to break the cables when pulling out the left hand speaker, and fairly easy if rather tedious to fix.

I detached the power supply but left it connected while I warmed the button from the outside. Another time I would probably try doing it without moving the power supply. When it's hot to the touch around the button press gently and you should feel the double sided tape giving slightly.

You can then prise it out from the inside, unscrew the three black screws in the plastic assembly and resolder the connecting wires.

I cut away a little of the black plastic to make the wire an easier fit and hopefully reduce the risk of the cable breaking again. As the current to the switch is AC trickle current, it does not matter which way round the two wires are connected .

Fixed but I will be really careful to avoid next time!


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I have this problem too. Literally broke the cable when pulling the speaker out. Is there any where I can get a replacement? I connected the wires back together but I cannot get the adjustment on the hex to get it to act like a button

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You'll hate me, Apple does not offer it as a spare you'll need to get the full back case housing.

I did find this one which might work! Power Switch Button 593-0928 for Apple iMac A1225 24" Early 2009 Models


The same thing happened to me today. Broke the wire while removing the left speaker. The button came out quite easily after 1 minute with a hair dryer aimed at the back of the case. It was held in place by strong double sided tape.

Annoyingly, the wire broke just as it comes out of the button housing, so I had to solder in a new piece of wire (very fiddly - but definitely doable, even for a novice like me with sausage fingers).

Put the button back with double sided tape, and everything is working perfectly.

Thanks for all the advice above.


@Steve Mulvey Hi Steve: with my dryer I obtained a very hot surface but the button won't move; which kind of maneuver have you adopted to remove it?


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Hey Guys!

I just experienced the same problem and was able to remove the power button using a heat gun. I replaced the button but now I need some new adhesive to put it back together. Any suggestions on what to do?

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After cleaning the old glue I just use hot glue again.


I used the original adhesive. This worked for me on the EMC 2889 2015 21.5" iMac. The left speaker housing and bottom of the iMac's chin supported each sides of the button mount pretty well so I'm not sure how far the button would even fall in (if at all) if it came loose. I put 2 plastic guitar picks (common tool for working on phones, Macs and laptops) on the adhesive to protect if from picking up dirt while I soldered the wires back on. It really stayed on very well before I put the speaker back in. I actually couldn't press the button back out when depressing the button, I didn't want to break the button. I figured it's in good.


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