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The Yoga 710-11ISK was manufactured back in 2016.

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My display is cracked, Im not sure about how to go about fixing it.

I recently made the mistake of leaving my laptop on the floor in my bedroom and stepped on the edge and cracked my display glass, Im wondering how I could replace the display.

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Both guides currently on ifixit seem to be very simple. Pop some screws off the bottom, and replace the cover or go further and replace the battery. There is an opportunity here for you to take pictures of your progress and create a step by step guide so that someone else can do it.

There is a good video on how to do it here: It will take some work though, because you’ll be dealing with many attached components such as the wifi antenna and display cables, before finally accessing the hinges to separate the screen. Then you will have to remove the cover and get deeper into the screen half of your laptop. So be sure to get a couple of picks to get the job done, and be patient so that you don’t rush something and cause damage. Be sure to also pay attention to where things clip on, and don’t force anything open with excessive force as it might actually have a screw holding it in place.

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Thank you Jason, I'll try it out and upload my results.


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