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Repair information for the Asus VivoBook S551LB laptop. First available on Amazon in July of 2013. Model number: V551LB-DB71T.

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Will not boot, completely dead

It will not boot off DC adapter or battery. NO power LED when the adapter is plugged in. Adapter is good. Measured 19VDC on motherboard connector.

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Simplest solution be would motherboard failure then.

Could be other components on the motherboard to specify but I don't think fixing those would go very well unless you are an professional.


Try without battery connecting to power supply


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Thanks for the suggestion. I opened up the laptop and took out the mother board. I checked continuity of the switch. First couple of presses I got and open then I started to get a short. Inspected it and could not see a problem. I reinstalled the board and its powering on and seems to be working. I guess time will tell if the problem crops up again.

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