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The RIDGID R86034 is a Lithium Ion impact driver manufactured by RIDGID in 2012.

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bit removal, bit stuck in tool

the bit will not come out of tool

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Here’s a video on how one guy did it:

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That was clever.

He also recommended WD-40 or some sort of lubricant which I forgot to mention.


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Bummer! I’ve had bits get stuck before. Do you have picture or details about how it is suck? Generally I start with wiggling it around, try to lightly bang the bit (not the drill) against something, then graduate to a pair of pliers. Sometimes it can take some working on it, and then it will free up.

But if you’ve already spent some time with those methods, the last resort is probably drilling the bit out of there, though you’d have to be particularly careful, since the bit holder is probably about the same hardness as the bit itself.

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I just successfully removed a small-gage drill bit that was stuck in my Ridgid GEN5 drill chuck. No amount of hand pressure would cause the chuck to release and taping the chuck itself with a hammer did not succeed either. Finally, I used a tack hammer to tap the individual tines of the chuck, then used a pair of 3" channel pliers to rotate the locked chuck. It took some leverage but the chuck finally released. Phew! If I had to do this again, I would have wrapped the chuck with duct tape to protect it from the teeth of the channel pliers. The damage is minor but since you wrap your hand around the chuck surface to tighten and loosen it, having that smoother would be preferred. I can probably sand it down so I don't get scraped when using the motor to tighten the chuck.

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