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Repair information and guides for the long-awaited refresh of the popular MacBook Air, featuring Intel's Core i5 processors, an updated Retina Display, and numerous other changes and updates that was released on November 7th, 2018.

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Is the SSD upgradable?

Does anyone know if the SSD can be upgraded in this notebook? Thanks!

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No :-( Unlike previous models, it's soldered on. It's not like traditional M.2, removable NVMe storage, this is 100% soldered on.


for me the better MBA is the model's mid-2011


Ya, its absolute bullshit that we can't upgrade SSD storage. But yet we all buy from them cause their products are quality.


Sucks they finally soldered the SSD. I guess to keep it as small and light as possible but until now they could all at least have the storage upgraded. bummer but I LOVE the 2018 Air retina. Amazing little powerhouse!!


Faslane .. it has NOTHING to do with being light, the biggest m2 SSD weighs like a feather, and its' port connector the same.. maybe 1 ounce total weight.


Also, since it is soldered to the board.. most people will be forced into Apple Car to resolve SSD death which will require mobo replacement.

IT'S 10000000000000000% STRATEGIC GREED.

Lastly, they could add an open M2 slot for use to upgrade ourselves, but then they'd lose out on the 500% markup for the added storage. Same with Ram.. there's room, I've opened them up. THEY CHOOSE TO NOT DO IT.

Early 2019 they sold a ram upgrade worth $100, for $1400.


It's criminal-esque greed.


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Sorry No,

Both the RAM and flash storage (SSD) are both soldered to the logic board

Apple does not offer any laptop systems with serviceable RAM or flash storage any more. All of the systems now use the T2 chip which uses raw flash chips vs a removable SSD. The reason is two fold the first is Apple can make a still faster I/O design than what a SSD can offer and even encrypt it! This is a good thing!!

But! What Apple still needs to do is make a dual drive design laptop which has the secure enclave the T2 & Flash storage it now offers and a second drive for the deeper storage within the real MacBook Pro (not what Apple has now in the current MacBook Pro’s) for the real working Pro’s.

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Storage options:

Option 1 - 128GB PCIe-based SSD, Configurable to 256GB, 512GB, or 1.5TB SSD

Option 2 - 256GB PCIe-based SSD, Configurable to 512GB or 1.5TB SSD

Only available at time of purchase!


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So if I were to buy a new MacBook Air and would want to have 1.5 TB SSD, I should choose this size of drive at the time of purchase.

Otherwise, I can’t upgrade the 128 GB SSD to something higher in the future right?

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Anton - The drive (T2+ Flash) is soldered to the logic board so there is no way to replace the storage later. If you really need 1.5 TB of internal storage then you'll need to spend the extra $1000 for it day one!

Frankly, I would just go with 16 GB or RAM and the smaller 512 GB drive internally. Then get an external drive like Samsung T5 USB-C SSD


Wrong information, Everything that gets soldered to the board can be removed and updated/upgraded... At the time that this was posted maybe the information was not out at there as its easily available today, Long story short, If 1 purchases a 128gb mac with onboard chipsets, You can get them upgraded! I do the upgrades myself so I know its very possible!


Um...I know this is 2023 now. :)

Upgrading the SSD in these is a mammoth task.

Yes, technically it can be done. But why bother?

Time consuming and not worth it.


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