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Huawei's 2016 flagship smartphone. Features a unibody case and dual rear-camera setup developed in partnership with Leica. Comes in 32/64 GB storage options and six different finishes. Model numbers EVA-L29, EVA-L19, and EVA-L09.

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Buying a motherboard in china, choosing which motherboard

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I want to buy a new motherboard in china to replace the borken one in my phone. My phone is Huawei P9 EVA-L09 32GB which is the model for Europe etc. I am attaching a picture of different motherboard models. Does it make a bit difference which one I install as long as it is the same board? Please help asap, I have few days to decide

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Stick to the same motherboard model: EVA-L09

The other models generally tend to be network locked or for example on chinese ones they don’t allow google apps on them.

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I agree with @benjamen50 stick with the same model :)


The models in the photo I attached say EVA, but do not mention the exact EVA Model. So how do I choose mine?


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