No backlight after battery replacement .

Hello all,

I was able to replace battery on my beloved Pebble Steel but back light and charging diode is not working anymore - I soldered battery using Ifixit workaround but battery is soldered not using stripe (sorry for terminology - I am not expert) but is soldered on wires. Did I heat it too much and destroy some circuit related to back light or how to proceed at this moment.

I know it is not usual to fix things like that while this watch are almost not available and I am not willing replace them by some different smartwatch with touchy display …There is at least one user who experienced and fixed this issue - Andrew Morton , Sindre Bjerke @sindre

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The same happened to me, and it might be related to insufficient pressure over the battery area, or positioning of the plastic cage inside the steel case. I can't say for certain. What I can say is that with repeated teardown and reassembly looking for the problem, both eventually (and simultaneously) started working again.


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