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A digital SLR camera by Nikon sold between 2005 and 2006.

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Purple Haze on NIKON DSLR photos

All my pictures have a purple haze covering them. The details of the photo are present but the color is shifted to purple. All the other functions of the camera work. I tried resetting and changed all the obvious settings.

I read somewhere that the sensor was probably the problem and that a cheaper one had been used in the D50 that was subject to humidity. I put the camera under a lamp to possibly dry it out( it was very humid in NJ at the time), and when I took it out it worked normally for a day and then returned to purple.

Local Nikon dealer claims that the camera is obsolete and parts are no longer available.

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Putting it under a lamp may only have moved the humidity from one place to another. You could try putting it in a self-sealing polythene bag with the lens off and with some fresh or newly reactivated silica gel, and leave it in a warm place for a few days.

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I'll try your idea, it makes sense.


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