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Released in 2009, this device has a 4 digit back-lit digital display, AM/FM radio and a CD player.

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How can I hardwire this in order to keep power ON all the time?

I want to control on/off function from a timed device. how can i rewire it?

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You need to open it up and find where your on/off switch is. From there you can solder wires onto the contact points and connect your external timer or whatever.

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There are no wires at on/off switch. I need to approach it from where the power comes in but not sure which wires to mess with.


there should be 2 wires that connect to the wall outlet, connected as one. you will need to cut that in half and splice the wires in half on each of the ends. From there, you will wire in your timer or switch or whatever. Let me know how it goes.


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