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iPhone 6 Home Button Connection Issue

After replacement of iPhone 6 Home Button with a iFixIt replacement part the Home Button and Touch ID work after connecting all plugs to the mainboard. But after assembly of the upper metal bracket to fix the plugs to the mainboard, the home button does not work anymore. After trying some times I luckily found a position where it worked with assembled bracket. Happily I put everything together but after some hours its lost the connection again. I’m not sure where to search for the mistake. Lower plug connection and Home Button itself seem to be working fine, the problem seems to be somewhere in the upper connection area .

Any suggestions?

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Sounds like theres something wrong with connector, the easiest way to diagnose it is to replace the ribbon (the one attached to display shield) as they’re siper cheap if the problem wont go then it’d be the connector on board and to replace that you’d need hot air station, ideally microscope and lots of skill.

you can also grab a magnifying glass and check the on board connector for debris before replacing the ribbon.

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