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Akaso EK7000 is a 4K Ultra HD action camera. The camera was released in January 2017. The camera comes with built-in WiFi and can be remote controlled.

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How to replace the lcd sreen the akaso ek7000 pro

How do I replace the lcd screen on the Akaso EK7000 Pro?

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here is a link to someone attempting to open this camera

at a rough guess the front screen is glued to the outer rear case and you will need to apply heat to remove it to access the flex cable on the motherboard. Having done a google of “replacement lcd”… I found zero… I’d say it’s probably cheaper to buy a replacement camera .

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You were right, but I had to take the camera completely apart and push the screen out from the inside. Only the bezel around the LCD was glued. Once loosened it came off easlily.

Thank you very much.


you're welcome. good luck


i dropped mine and the front screen fell off and I was in a rush because I needed to be somewhere and i just quickly snapped it back on although I snapped it on upside down with some dust on the inside. Why am I so stupid and how can I get into it again without a risk of breaking it or heat?


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I believe this is a clone of the Eken H9

Here's a link to a teardown of the H9

I've watched the other linked YouTube video, and they are almost identical.

The screen is removed from the other side,

teardown of Eken H9

The bad news is - if it's like the Eken H9

The screen is firmware specific (matched)

ONLY the specific part numbered screen will

Also resolutions are fake

4k video (1080 real)

Anything above 4mp

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does anyone know how to take an lcd screen off on an og akaso ek7000

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Pretty sure it's similar to the Eken H9R

teardown of Eken H9 (1)

Less lifting of the screen, and more outward pressure on the case, so lever out and then lift

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Just be aware too … the drivers for the screen are part of the firmware, so you can't use just any LCD screen (if you are replacing a broke screen)


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