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Background information about the device "Logitech G602" (wireless gaming mouse).

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Mouse wheel is not scrolling

I have a problem with my mouse scroll wheel. The scroll is not working at all but the wheel clicks just fine.

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Logitech G602 Scroll Wheel Replacement

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@ramirocampa Thanks for your help. The problem is not in the mechanical side of the scroll. When I scroll the wheel, it rotates well. The issues is that rotation doesn't get captured or sent to the computer i.e. no action happens


it might be a problem between the wheel and the digitizer. usually back in time there was a digitizer usually near the axis of the wheel. i dont know if it is suitable in your case but you might take a look at the "gears" or anytype of physical damage between the axis of the wheel and the support of it. in other mouses may be a worn out plastic axis... instead of being square shaped or any desired form it may be damaged (like too roundy) i hope this helps.



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I had the same issue. Took it apart, and found the wheel clogged up with cat hair. Cleaned that up and it’s working again. Thanks for the pics on how to get it apart though :)

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