Flash Fails to Charge and Gives "Please Turn Off Camera" Message

My DMC-FZ70 just started having issues with the flash over the past few days. Initially the Flash started doing an extra bright flash on the first picture after start up, but then things would be normal after words with the flash working as it normally would. However today I started it up once again had the ultra bright flash on my first shot then the flash failed to charge and began giving me the “Please Turn Off Camera and then on again” message if I left it open. If I’m not using the flash the camera is perfectly fine.

Basic questions are is there a way to pull an error code on the camera, are there any known issues with the built in flash, and could this potentially be the result of a bad battery.

Ordering a back up battery to see if that helps for now and an external flash as well just in case. However I really would like to try and trouble shoot this.

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