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Xbox One controller was introduced in 2016 with the launch of the Xbox One S and adds Bluetooth support for Windows 10/11. This controller fixes many of the design flaws found on the Model 1537/1697 controllers and is much more reliable. This controller has been replaced with the improved Model 1914 controller.

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Soldering station temp setting

What would be the best temp setting for the soldering iron on a soldering station to do some soldering work on the xbox one wireless controllers?

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I keep mine set a 700 degrees Fahrenheit. You shouldn’t have to leave the iron in place for too long to get the solder to melt. You might also want to get some flux. Using flux will help the solder flow and make the whole process easier. This is great whenever you’re working on modern electronics since manufacturers use lead-free solder these days, which is much harder to melt. I recommend using 60-40 lead-rosin solder. Good luck with your repairs/modifications!

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Thank you very much for the info. I will give it a try


My soldering station will only go as high as 480 degrees. Is that to low? If so what soldering station would you recommend or if that is ok could I just heat up new solder on top and re- desolder from the motherboard?


If your station stops at 480 degrees that is probably in Celsius, which is about 900 degrees Fahrenheit. The station I use is made by Weller, which is very good and pretty affordable. If you set your station at about 370 degrees Celsius, you should be fine. What repairs/mods are you trying to make to your controller?


Just changing out the motherboard and daughter board


How long does your average solder take when it’s 700°F? I’m only starting out and will be slower than you but I don’t want to burn anything by keeping the iron on for too long


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