Why is the ear piece sound like the volume all the way down

a few weeks ago i replaced my sisters screen that was bought from here(ifixit) and the ear piece isnt working the way it should be the volume is all the way up but sounds like its whispering ever since i replaced it

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If your system volume is down, then obvious answer is you need to turn the system volume up, but maybe your speaker got damaged t some point (water, etc.) and will need to be replaced, always a bummer, but what else can you do really?

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Well what I do every time I do a iPhone screen replacement I always clean the inner black mesh on the earpiece speaker itself, it commonly gets clogged with dust and attracts metal lint on it.

Another thing to note which is silly is that the earpiece will be quiet if the temporary screen plastic film isn't removed which most cover the speaker and don't provide a hole / cutout for.


Well the thing is is that it was like that after I replaced the screen that I bought from Ifixit It’s the same earpiece that came with the brand new screen


But I see what ur saying I will have to check that but I still think it’s weird when it’s brand new


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