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The DeWalt D26451 Random Orbit Sander is a 5-inch sander with a 3 Amp, 12,000 RPM motor. DeWalt discontinued this model, but replacement parts for the D26451 can still be found online.

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Why is my sander spinning very slowly?

I’ve replaced the pad and cleaned out all the dust inside the sander but it doesn’t spin as fast as it use to? I have several sanders with this same problem.

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Does the motor spin freely with the random orbit mechanism removed? Perhaps the commutator or brushes are still dirty, the brushes are worn, or the bearings still contain dirt or need oiling.

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Hi Philip, we have a pile of sanders that are in need of repair. Not sure what the issue is with each, but generally that they're slow. I did notice that in one of them the carbon was worn down so much that some of the housing wore away. I've ordered new brushes for all of them, thanks for the tip! In regards to oiling the bearings, do you know what kind of oil I should use? How much oil? Where to apply the oil? I'll blow out all the dust, but I'd also like to apply oil to see if that help any. Thanks again for your help, it's a HUGE help. We've just been buying new ones as the fix!


I believe you're supposed to use a special oil for electric motors but I've never discovered exactly why. A quick Internet search seemed to indicate that 3-in-1 Motor Oil is the thing.

It sounds like it'd be worth your while to periodically check the brushes in all your power tools. A few months ago my late father in law's electric drill gave up the ghost. One of the brushes had worn right down to the spring and the resultant arcing had pitted the commutator so badly that even with new brushes it continues to arc. If at any time you see sparks running round the commutator then you need to take urgent action!


Thank you! We happen to have some 3-in-1 MO on hand. I looked at the manual and it says:

"Self lubricating bearings are used in the tool and periodic relubrication is not required. However, it is recommended that, once a year, you take or send the tool to a service center for a thorough cleaning and inspection."

I called Customer Service for more info and they just read to me what the manual says. I guess I'll add a drop or two and let it sit overnight.

Scary about the drill! Will definitely check up on the brushes regularly now on!


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