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Lançado em 16 de setembro de 2016. Modelo 1660, 1778 Disponível como GSM ou CDMA / 32, 128 ou 256 GB / Ouro Rosa, Dourado, Prateado, Preto Mattte e Preto Brilhoso.

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Activate issue with no network works


I have iphone 7 (A1660) with (NO service) problem , I tryed use ipcc files but carrier still Not Available, so I update to IOS 12 and now I stuck with activate issue(there is still no service,Even with use different sim cared), it saying Unable to Activate An update is required to activate your iphone. image below

Block Image

I Noted when I eject the tray of sim cared, my phone do’s not say (No SIM card inserted ).

pleas help me!

Thank you before!!


Answer this question I have this problem too

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I solved that issues by changing BBPMU IC on iPhone 7 and restore via iTunes then my problem solved.This videos help me to find the solution.Hope this works.

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where is the video? I really need your help sir, I got this problem for a month now


where is the video




Click on solution to get video


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This is a known issue with the iPhone 7 modem. Send in for repair with Apple:

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I had this issue with iPhone 7.

Did a chat with apple representative and they had me go to my iTunes and make sure I was updated first. Then turn phone off and connect to computer. Then open iTunes and let it install update.

It didn’t work.

She next had hold down the power and volume up button for about a minute or two until your phone shows that it is connected to iTunes, then the iTunes screen on my laptop was showing that it was extracting, then when it was done it started to update.

Phone turned off after installing and I was able to set my phone up.

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some people with this case get their phone back with changing baseband power ic on the machine board. May be y’all wanna try it too.

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ich habe problem men iphon gleich ist was maen bite

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if the model is of those : A1660, 1680 , A1779 then there is no issue coz apple said it, you can read this link :

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